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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Hi everyone. Being a bit new at all this stuff, I was wondering what type of general situation makes one eligible for a clinical trial. I'm guessing from what I've read you have to be sick enough so they have something to test, correct?

A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Hi Bob .. I am pretty sure you need to meet the
qualifications for the trial. Mine was that way.
Each trial is different. For instance they may hold
a trial on "dosage" of a specific BTK inhibitor like
Ibrutinib and perhaps the trial would be open to
people for first time treatment. . My 2 yr I/V
trial that I went through was open for relapsed
and refractory. You couldn't have any other
medical issues to get in. That fit for me.
I think trials are fantastic !!!
When it comes time for treatment its well worth
checking out what is available. The medical teams
have your back..... hard to slip through any cracks
and I never paid for one cent for 2 years

posted 6 months ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

I believe it takes 2 things your DR believing it will help and being part of the trail and you fitting the profile. I am going to be on the trial for my maintenance drug after I finish Chemo to help prevent a relapse of AML. As always ask your DR questions or ask for a place that can answer them if you feel it will help you.

posted 6 months ago
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