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Hi, I Have CML And I've Been On Sprycel For About 7 Years Now.

Hi, I Have CML And I've Been On Sprycel For About 7 Years Now.

So the past couple of years have been great. I have been lifting weights working out been happy go lucky but the past couple of months I have started to feel fatigued and irritable. I can still doy job but I'm tired a lot of the time. I guess my question is..... Is there anyone else with the same problems? Does your fatigue come and go. It's getting to the point where my brother asks why are you always in a bad mood?. Can anyone relate? I'm I crazy or in vitcomstance or could it be my meds. My… read more

A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

I was very irritable after being diagnosed my doctor put me on antidepressants and has helped tremendously felt ready to hurt someone

posted 3 months ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Hi Lucky. Fatigue. Geeze, no matter how well we're feeling, fatigue seems to always be around. I find I get very tired and tend to nap mid afternoon. Not for long, but 40 minutes or so and I can keep going. I have CLL and am not familiar with your meds. I hope those around you understand your symptoms do include fatigue and bad moods. If you worry because of how they affect those around you and you think it could be your meds, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor. Hang in there. One day at a time.

posted 4 months ago
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