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Anyone That Has AML Or MDS That Has Been Though A Transplant

Anyone That Has AML Or MDS That Has Been Though A Transplant

My husband age 71 has met with a bone marrow transplant doctor and they feel he is a good candidate to do a stem cell transplant. Of course he is scared and nervous of the complications. I would like to hear your experiences.

A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Thank you for your experience! My husband has just finished 3 rounds of the same treatment you had. He had the bone marrow biopsy after the second and it looked really good that's when his doctor suggested talking to the bone marrow doctor. How old was your sister? Doctor told us his siblings are too old. The doctor found 2 non related matches not in the US. They are going to test his kids.

How did your husband deal? I'm already stressed!

posted 17 days ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

I agree. I was so blessed to have my sister as a donor. I just started with a bit of eye irritation. I am hoping it is not GVHD. I will see my eye MD on Monday. He should be able to determine if it is. I hope not, but it is treatable.

posted 6 days ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Thank you for sharing I have heard that the aftermath is the worst part and gvhd. I am glad that you are doing better and it was worth it. We are still waiting to hear if his son is a match. Bless those people that do this donation!!

posted 7 days ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Hi, I have AML in remission and had a stem cell transplant from unknown donor in Sept 2020. The procedure was somewhat difficult as I developed mouth sores so severe I could not eat. The challenge was the after months. My medication was constantly changing. I did not develop GVHD until a year later. It’s manageable. I was 56 yo at time of transplant. I do not regret my decision one bit. It’s my only chance at a long term remission.

posted 8 days ago
A MyLeukemiaTeam Member said:

Thank you that is reassuring. You were very fortunate that your sister was a match. My husbands brother is 75 so too old. His one son just got tested we haven’t heard yet. I have been very anxious about this and trying to figure things out, it will be tuff for both of us. Don’t know if I mentioned my first husband had a stem cell transplant 30 years ago for Hodgkin disease. It was new and experimental then. It was done using his own blood so he didn’t have all of those issues afterwards with the gvhd. He was in hospital 30 days while I had 2 young kids and working. Doing this again is a lot of stress for me and I want to be positive for him. I appreciate talking to people that have been through this so I thank you.

posted 15 days ago
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