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AML Long Term-UNC Hospitals Molecular Genetics Laboratory

AML Long Term-UNC Hospitals Molecular Genetics Laboratory

I have AML diagnosed Oct 2017 and have been on a chemotherapy drug of Dacogen every 28 days since. This is year three and my NPM1, QUANTITATIVE TYPE A, NPM1 mutant RNA: Positive at 2 transcripts per 10,000 cell equivalents in blood. This result suggests the residual presence of leukemic cells containing an NPM1 mutation. This low-positive result is similar to previous results for this patient since October, 2019.

Is it time to consider SCT. I am scared to jump out there because I have other… read more

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Cheryl, always good to hear from you. Congrats on the year celebration. I am praying and hoping for you to celebrate many, many more happy years. Our neighborhood was really shooting up fireworks. It… read more

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